Happy New Year 2017 – Download Videos/Mp3

Difficult to find new formulas every year, to wish each roughly the same thing: a good year! The secret is to find original text, and put a personal touch on her greeting cards! Here is full of good ideas to write your card.

that happiness is waiting for you in your hearts and in those of your loved ones. In short, we wish you a happy 2017!
Every year, we want to each other that their wishes come true, and it never happens. But let us console ourselves with Tolstoy, who said very quietly: “. All men make the same mistake to imagine that happiness means that all wishes come true” So for this New Year, I wish happiness, nothing more!

Goodbye 2017, hello 2017! Hello new experiences, joys, successes! At least that is what the family wishes you through this beautiful greeting card!
What is your best memory of 2017? For us, it is definitely this wonderful journey that we have achieved together off the meeting. We hope that 2017 will give us more opportunities to share other fun times like this, with you.
In this time of celebration and on behalf of the whole family, I wish you a happy new year 2017. You know very well the affection we have for you and hope to see you soon. Kisses.
Whatever your dreams, your aspirations, we hope with all our hearts that their completion is imminent in the happy new year 2017. In the meantime, we hope that 2017 friendly greeting card you will have at least pleased. Big kisses from the whole family.
A beautiful New Year to you! That it is synonymous with happiness, success and fulfillment of all your dreams. Meanwhile, the whole family joins me through this beautiful greeting card and you tenderly kiss.
Health, happiness, love, success: these are things that you deserve and we wish you for the new year! More important than all this, you’ve earned a good meal at home with us! Why do not you be joining with us one of these days to celebrate the new year?Good Poems 2017 Check some of the best good 2017 Poems in different languages like French and Spanish Greek urdu.As new 2017 is a little less than two weeks, we have selected some unique happy new year poems short and funny for you.

First of all Happy New Year to you and your family members.Please check cesbonne 2017 poems